Why Reupholster?

How to determine cost?

We often get potential customers commenting on how expensive reupholstery is and that they can just buy a new furniture piece for less. This definitely holds true if the furniture referenced was not well-made and the materials used are of low-quality. A better way to understand cost is to examine the value.

Have you ever seen the Sunday furniture ad selling a sofa for $300 and thought that it was suspiciously low? This is the kind of furniture that will break down quickly and end up in the landfill. They were made with bad materials and poor craftsmanship so you will have to keep replacing them. Unfortunately, much of the imported furniture in the last 10 years are made in this manner. In the long-term it actually costs the consumer more money to keep replacing furniture and not to mention the environmental cost this creates for deforestation and carbon emissions.

Reasons to Reupholster?

  • It can potentially cost less to reupholster than to replace, and you get a better furniture than before.
  • You want good quality fabric, foam, padding, and supporting systems in your furniture to maintain the comfort and durability.
  • You want to customize the fabric material, design, and color.
  • The furniture’s style and sizing are unique to your current interior space.
  • The furniture frame is made of quality wood or metal. This is an indication of good quality furniture and worth considering for re-upholstery as much of the furniture these days are made of weaker manufactured wood.
  • The furniture is an antique or collectible item.
  • There is sentimental value and special memory associated with the furniture.
  • A more environmentally sustainable choice to help reduce deforestation and carbon emissions.
  • It will likely save you money in the long-term from having to keep replacing low-quality furniture.
  • Supporting small businesses instead of big corporations which put the money back into the local economy.


  • We are a locally-owned and operated family-business so our reputation is very important to us. This is why we care about each customer we work with.
  • Our upholsterer have over 25 years of experience with residential and commercial upholstery.
  • We use only high quality raw materials that are respected in the industry.
  • We guarantee our workmanship which is not something every shop is willing to assure.
  • Our customers love our craftsmanship and service. You can see customer reviews and pictures of past work on Yelp.