Foam Replacement & Cushion Filling

We sell custom cut foam and offer foam replacement for cushion inserts.


We use high resiliency Qualux foam. Qualux has been around for over 40 years in the industry. It is a high-end seat foam for residential and commercial use. Qualux meet current California 117 flammability standards and are produced without the use of CFC’s. Qualux foam have the following firmness options: Q11 Soft; Q21 Medium; Q31 Medium Firm; Q41 Firm; Q61 Extra Firm.

Dackron Wrapping

Dackron is a material that is used to wrap cushions for a  crisp and fulfilled look. It helps add a top layer softness to the foam and preserves the foam longer. Dackron also dries faster so it helps prevent mold and mildew in outdoor cushions.

For foam pricing please email the dimensions (width, depth, and height) of each cushion and indicate how many you need.

Cushions Filling

If you have sofa or chair back cushions that have gone flat we can help as well. We offer material and labor to refill your back cushions back to its original (or better) condition. We carry polyester fill and down fill materials. These will need to be priced in-person as it is difficult to estimate how much material will be needed online.