The 3-Step Process

Simply follow the 3-Step Process to get started. We will handle the rest for you to get a new furniture! 

In order for us to provide accurate quoting, it helps for us to obtain the information below. It is okay if you are unable to provide the full information but to the best of your ability is fine.

  1. Text us at (916) 848-1555 or email us at with photos of your furniture piece. When taking photos, as best as you can, include one photo of the whole piece from the front, one from the side, one from the back, and one from underneath. Additionally, for any problem areas like a broken spring, a tear, etc. please take a photo close up.
  2. Please provide the approximate dimensions of your furniture in width (left to right), height (bottom to top), and depth. Describe for us what problems you notice with the furniture. Approximately how old is the furniture? Was it reupholstered before and when was the last time? Please indicate any additional services you might need.
  3. Please provide us your first/last name, contact number (if you’re emailing) and zip code. Do you have fabric or will you need help selecting one? How long can we have the furniture to work on?
What happens next? 
  1. We will review the information you shared and contact you usually within 24 hours on the services to be performed, estimated cost, and completion time. Please note that this is just an estimate as there are details we may notice when examining the furniture in person.
  2. If you would like to proceed after reviewing the quote, then we can set up an appointment for you to drop off the furniture. If you need help selecting a fabric, vinyl, suede, or leather material, then we have a wide selection of samples you can select from.
  3. You’ll be notified once the project is finished for pick-up.